JunkiesAtl – Sedgwick & Cedar feat. YoAphro, Trife of JunkiesAtl, Akil The MC of Jurrassic Five, KO Da Prynce, EL Dasensei of The Artifacts, Jgarvi & Sixman (Prod. King Michael)

JunkiesAtl is proud to bring you that classic Hip-Hop feel you may have been missing for a long time! We present to you Sedgwick & Cedar!

With a dope, meticulously layered Hip-Hop track as the backdrop, seven emcees deliver aggressive, yet pleasing Hip-Hop barz relentlessly! Having selected artist from every side of the US, stylistically we covered plenty of ground in one song!

Trife of (JunkiesAtl)
Akil The Mc (Jurrassic Five)
KO Da Prynce
ELDasensei (The Artifacts)

Produced By King Michael/Co-produced and arranged by Trife for JunkiesAtl
Recorded and Mixed by Trife for JunkiesAtl Studios of Atlanta ,Ga

The entire video shot by Trife for JunkiesAtl and Kayzha0x
Editing performed by Trife for JunkiesATL